Monday, May 9, 2016

London & The Phantom of the Opera

London &
 The Phantom of the Opera

Hello guys! I have some beautiful memories to share with you! 

I went to London on April 23 till April 27 with my class. And it was AH-MAZ-IG!

We saw so many popular attractions and sights! 
Like Big Ben

The Tower Bridge

The London Eye 

And maannyy other cool things

And let me tell you one of the awesome things about London. London has many museums, and the entrance to most of the is.... free! Which is soo great 

And, since we were in England

And we had, of course, so much fun! And there were two fights among my friends, but everything's fine now. And we brought back some drama, but it's not concerning me, so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  oops.

In the course of 5 days that we've been there, not once did it rain...heavily. And it was only once that it rained while we were actually outside (and it was such light rain that we didn't even need umbrellas). The weather really served us well.

But the food, not much. Peas, cooked carrots and mushrooms four nights in a row... I still can't eat them...

The only thing I'm sad about is that we didn't have much free time. To shop, or to be in museums. Sure we went to, like, 4 museums, but in each of them for app. 2 hours. And let me tell you, you could spend a whole day in just one of them. So, yeah, not much free time.

And you may not know yet, but I adore clouds. And as we were going to and from London with an airplane, I saw so many beautiful clouds. We were even going THROUGH clouds!! Ahh it was heaven for me.

"The Phantom of the Opera is there
Inside my mind"
On Tuesday, 26 April, after a long day of walking and the, almost unbearable, pain on the right side of my torso, and a bearable meal, we went to the Her Majesty's Theatre. The play, The Phantom of the Opera, started at 7:30pm and lasted about 2 and a half hours, containing 2 acts.

I found the play to be... how do you say... PERFECT. The cast was amazing, talented in every way, and in accidentally made tricky situations, they were very clever about it and improvised so well that the audience wasn't sure if that's how it's supposed to be or if something went wrong (yes, I'm talking about you, Raoul [Nadim Naaman]).

The costumes, choreography, the voices and songs! Everything was perfect. I was so astounded. I wanted to see TPotO for so long, and seeing it like this was such a spectacle! I couldn't ask for a better performance. 

When I came home, to my lovely city Zagreb, I immediately got the soundtrack (the songs are still on repeat, if I'm being honest). And I also watched the movie from 2004, and let me tell you, nothing can compare to the live performance I saw.

In conclusion, let me quote Samuel Johnson.
 "When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life."

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